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Date: Fri,  8 Feb 91 12:20:13 PST
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Subject: How'd that get on the air? (was Re: hmmm... from

I'm sure it was taped, but maybe they found themselves with no alternative
tape to run.

The language itself would be okay by the censors; as a matter of fact, I'll
bet that something like this was said to the contestants before the show:
    "Now you have to watch your language and use the right words.
     You can't say 'ass' or 'tits'; instead say 'butt' or 'chest'."
After all, these shows get half their interest out of being a little racy and
a lot embarrassing.

I was just imagining Family Feud...

Bob Barker: "The survey asked 'Where is the most interesting place
		you've ever, ah, [discreet smirk] made whoopie?'"
contestant: "How about 'up the butt,' Bob?"
others:     "Yeah!  Good answer!"

My mother told me a story about a quiz program that she had actually seen.
It was early enough that the shows were aired live.  The contestant was a
serviceman who seemed very unsure of himself; they kept having to help him
out, give him hints, and reassure him.  He had finally answered the first
two questions and now they were trying to get him to give the answer
"Cannibal".  They had asked "What do you call a man who eats other men?"
He just didn't have a clue until finally they hinted that the answer began
with the letter "C".  At that point he started looking really uncomfortable;
then they hinted that the answer was just one word, but a kinda long word,
with three syllables.  Everyone could see that he was afraid to say the
answer so they started egging him on with "'ve got it...just say
it..."  So he finally blurted out "cocksucker?"  My mother said the show
faded to black and there was a ten minute segment of organ music (they
probably didn't have an announcer that wasn't laughing hysterically or
having a heart attack or both).

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