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27 Jan
Techno-entrepreneural nets in the latte capital...

Date: Wed, 27 Jan 93 13:08:40 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Techno-entrepreneural nets in the latte capital...

<forwards removed, but it was leaked from the place that counts "uno, dos,
windows, ...">

Here's an opportunity for the entrepreneurial among you, one that I 
have not yet patented, trademarked or copyrighted. We have speculated 
about it before, and Spencer the Katt hints at it in this week's 
column. So strike while the iron (little iron) is hot.

The Pentium chip, running flat out, generates lots of heat -- so much, 
in fact, that companies may have to spend a sizable amount for heat 
radiators, heat convection devices, tiny fans, etc., attached directly 
to the chip. The problem will be worse in notebooks, because of limited 
space, power, etc. Someone's problem is always someone else's 
opportunity. In this case, you put a water-filled jacket around the 
chip, use the hot water to brew coffee in the attached coffeemaker, all 
run by Windows for CoffeeMakers. Maybe a joint venture with Starbuck's? 
BrewBook (TM) by Starbuck's, running Windows for CoffeeMakers from 
Microsoft. Throw in the right kind of bean in the promo (Ethiopean 
Harrar-harhar?), and you've got a winner that every yuppie will die to 
get, to say nothing of paying the big bucks for. If it had a hookup 
with the carphone,...

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