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27 Jan
public service request

Date: Wed, 27 Jan 93 16:36:31 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: public service request

On a serious note...

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 From llc Wed Jan 27 15:08:01 EST 1993
 From POMONA.CLAREMONT.EDU!JRYCENGA Wed Jan 20 11:52:44 1993

   For political activists, or media watchdogs, or just concerned
   women, here's a quick something you can do to help prevent
   and stop domestic violence.

   Super Bowl Sunday - which this year is January 31, here in southern
   California at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena - is the single worst day
   for domestic violence in the USA.  There is an increase of as much as
   40% in the volume handled by domestic violence shelters on this

   To try to stem this tide of violence, the Women's Action Coalition (WAC)
   of Los Angeles is supporting the campaign by Fairness and Accuracy in
   Reporting (FAIR) to convince NBC (the network carrying the game) to carry
   two Public Service Announcements on domestic violence during the
   Super Bowl this year.  Anna Quindlen of the New York Times wrote a
   fine editorial in the 1/17/93 edition of the Times supporting this
   effort as well.

   What I am asking of you - and all your friends (please PLEASE cross-post
   this to _any_ lists you can think of) - is to help us with a FAX/LETTER
   blitz on NBC, asking for these PSA's.  Here is a sample letter:

   Dick Ebersol
   President, NBC Sports
   30 Rockefeller Plaza
   New York, NY  10112

   Dear Mr. Ebersol:

   I would like to add my support to FAIR's request that you air two
   Public Service Announcements on domestic violence during the Super
   Bowl game.  The Super Bowl is one of the most widely viewed television
   events of the year; it is also the day, according to women's shelters,
   when calls for help increase by as much as 40%.

   Your broadcast of the Super Bowl will reach a huge audience.  By
   airing PSAs, NBC will be bringing a national audience's attention to
   the critical issue of domestic violence.



 From: <>
 From llc Wed Jan 27 16:08:02 EST 1993

   fax number for dick ebersol is

   i was told that he won't be in the office until
   tuesday - but i bet he calls in & someone there
   should notice the faxes - the main number for nbc
   is 212-664-4444, programming is 212-664-2333
   according to other mail, they would handle this topic
   these are voice lines if you want to call instead

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