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19 Feb
That's the way the girls are....

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 93 12:25:26 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: That's the way the girls are....

[I don't have time to analyze all the possible reasons that this
message amuses me, but maybe it'll amuse you, too ... -psl]

 From: Bill Richardson <billrich@CASPIAN.EXT.VT.EDU>
 To: Recipients of BGRASS-L <>

Christine Foster said:

>Speaking of which, one of the last true honky-tonk, kicker clubs in
>Austin will soon experience an old-time contra/square dance one of
>these Saturday nights soon.

Like gypsy moths devouring the forests, contra dancing emerged from
New England and spread across the country, devouring all traditional
dance forms in its path.... one of the more advanced symptoms of the
disease Yuppie Scum.

Great- what an image- Texans in boots and big hats gliding around
like Marching Zombies.

Stop the Contra Plague! Stick to your local square dance traditions!

Bill Richardson
Blacksburg VA

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