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3 Mar
Heaven and Hell -- another opinion

Date: Wed,  3 Mar 93 11:53:43 PST
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Subject: Heaven and Hell -- another opinion

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 From aek Wed Mar  3 08:33:34 EST 1993

The temperature calculation for heaven assumes an albedo of zero.
(By definition of a black-body for which the Stefan-Boltzman law applies.)
This is in conflict with the heavenly light theory of an enveloping white
light .... the calculation yields a far infra-red under black body
assumptions.  Temperatures hotter than the Sun are necessary for the
proper white light unless we assume a high albedo.
[Actually we're just assuming that albedo(Heaven) = albedo(Earth); but the
point is well taken that the albedo of Heaven might, indeed, differ from that
of Earth.  However, I would expect it to be much, much lower, otherwise we
would see all the reflection, wouldn't we?  -psl]

The libido rule does apply, however.  That is the probablitly of getting
to heaven is equal to the Sister Mary Margret Constant/ libido.
(This is variously known as the Lutheran Law, the Catholic Conservation
Rule or the Rabbi's Revelation.)   Applying the libido rules [and] other
extensions yields a climate like the dry side of Hawaii, but the light is
considerably less harsh and more enveloping.

By the assumption of brimstone approximating lava we get that hell is 
more than 1000 degrees C not the 444.6 as reported.   This is probably
a result of assuming that hell was near Salt Lake City (the author liked
to drink) and the lower presure resulted in a lower boiling point than
at hell's actual location near Secaucus, N.J.


[I guess it all just goes to show that there are still a few unanswered
questions left for Dr. Science to work on... -psl]

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