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3 Mar
Waco raid - Top 10 Lessons...

Date: Wed,  3 Mar 93 15:01:33 PST
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Subject: Waco raid - Top 10 Lessons...

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	   Top Ten Lessons Learned by the BATF in the Waco Raid

10. If you're going to seize guns, bring along some guns of your own.

 9. Bullet-proof vests are not quite as bullet-proof as the manufacturer
    may claim.

 8. To ensure the element of surprise, be sure to commence the raid before
    the media sets up its cameras.

 7. Make sure the raid is near a military installation, so you can get
    re-enforcements quickly.

 6. 'Taking out' the children first is not a particularly effective
    technique for suppressing hostile fire.

 5. When planning for a no-knock raid, do not assume that the victims
    sleep-in till noon.

 4. Be sure that God is not on their side.

 3. Don't bring along the media unless you're really, really, really sure
    you are not going to get your ass kicked.

 2. Stick to raiding pacifist religious cults in California.

 1. Don't Mess with Texas!

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