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15 Mar

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 93 14:22:19 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: code-review-speak

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In the shower this morning, it occurred to me it would be useful to
write a guide listing certain words and phrases that arise during
code reviews and their actual, candid meanings.  Hopefully this will
help speed the communication process during technical reviews.

Review term or phrase          Real meaning
---------------------          ------------
I'm not sure this fits in      If I have anything to do
with our architecture.         with it, this code will never
				see the light of day!

It's not clear that ...        There's no way that ...

It occurred to me in the       It occurred to me while reading
shower this morning ...        wingnut this morning ...

I think that's against the     That's not the way I arrange my
coding standards.              {whitespace, declarations, ifs, etc.}

This logic doesn't belong in   If you do it this way, I'll have to
this module.                   rework a whole bunch of stuff of mine.

Let's take this off line.      If you carry on this pedantic
				discussion another minute, I'll scream.

That's clever.                 That's needlessly complicated.

Let's make that an action      There's another thing you forgot.
Do we really want the user     Wouldn't it be funny if the user
to see this?                   saw this?

Doing it this way will be      I might have to maintain this
hard to maintain.              someday.
This really needs to be        We could just leave it undocumented.

Let's set up a time to         If you all didn't talk so much, we'd
continue the review.           be done by now.

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