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7 Apr
New Intel Processor

Date: Wed,  7 Apr 93 15:49:58 PDT
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Subject: New Intel Processor

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1 April 1993

Intel Corp. today announced a new line of low-power high
performance microprocessors for a entirely new concept in
"personal" computing. The new processors, codenamed
"Rectium", are designed to actually fit the appropriate body
cavity for "Computing Anywhere, Anytime", according to Fred
Burfl, Vice President for New Product Locations at Intel.
"We figured that with our 'Intel Inside' advertising
campaign, which has high consumer awareness, we couldn't

Within six months, a high-performance co-processor will also
be made available.  Implemented in Gallium Arsenide
technology, the co-processor is tentatively code-named
"Rectium GaAs".  A new high-speed communications bus based
on a proprietary "Fast Aerodynamic Regional Transport"
protocol will take performance to new heights.

Intel officials suggest that the chips will be ideally
suited for back-end processing applications.

Reaction on Wall Street was mixed.  PepsiCo (owner of the
Taco Bell restaurant chain) gained an eighth, to close at
82 7/8, after announcing a strong commitment to the new GaAs
technology.  Ralston-Purina (maker of Bean-o) fell an
eighth, to 50 5/8.

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