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7 Apr
top nerd to tie knot

Date: Wed,  7 Apr 93 16:38:48 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: top nerd to tie knot

 From: Eng.Sun.COM!Daniel.Steinberg (Daniel Steinberg)
 From: adam

As you may be aware Bill Gates is getting married:

The words "for richer, or for poorer" will be replaced with "for richer,
or for even richer."

The wedding cake will be made of Cheetos.

The punch will be Jolt Cola.

The reception will be held at Microsoft so that people can continue working.

After the wedding, the bride will turn and laugh at all the women in the

After 3 years of marriage, Bill will announce an upgrade to Wife 2.0.

Melinda's (the bride's) parents were ecstatic about the engagement
until they found out they were going to pay for the wedding.

Bill's new home-of-the future (in Medina, WA) will now have a woman's
touch -- a few doilies on the mainframe.

Melinda will find out (to her great disappointment) on the wedding night
where Bill got the name "Microsoft".

Melinda is now registered at Egghead Software.

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