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10 Apr
Trademark Trends

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 93 12:39:48 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Trademark Trends

 From: <>
 From: stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern)
 From Dechert, Price and Rhoads Annual Report on Trends in Brand Name Selection

Trademarks containing back-to-basics words were way up:
	BASIC was up 52%
	TRADITION was up 24%
	COUTNRY was up 32%
	HOME was up 8%

Food & beverage trademarks containing CLEAR were up 77%, while those containing
CRYSTAL were up 43%

As for superlatives:
	HYPER was up 17%
	MEGA was mega-hot with a 45% increase
	TOTAL was up 50%

There was also a superlative loser:
	ULTRA was down 8%
[really a pretty mediocre loser superlative -psl]:

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