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14 Apr
Now it's called the "Emerald City"

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 13:24:28 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Now it's called the "Emerald City"

but I'm told (on pretty reliable authority) that Seattle used to be
called the "Queen City."  Meanwhile residents of the Emerald City
(and in particular Boeing employees) still call the local aircraft
manufacturer "The Lazy B" ...  --psl

 From: "EL Shaw" <el@harvard.harvard.edu_shaw%lucifer>
 From bret@ludwig Tue Apr 13 10:10 EDT 1993
 from the wall street journal...

TRANSSEXUAL EMPLOYEES become a corporate issue after a court case. 

Last month, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld Boeing's 1985
firing of a male software engineer, who dressed in women's clothes and
insisted on using the women's restroom while his sex-change operation
was pending. He was deemed to be a psychological transsexual by a
psychologist and treating physician. The company fired "John Doe"
after co-workers complained about his use of the women's bathroom; he
then sued for discrimination.

The court ruled that Boeing didn't discriminate because "gender
dysphoria," or discomfort with one's sex, isn't a true handicap.
Boeing says transsexuals must use the anatomically proper restroom and
can't dress in blatant "contravention" to their current sex. That
leads to puzzling rules: Men can wear lipstick, not high heels.

Boeing says 18 employees have asked about the policy, indicating they
plan sex-change operations.

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