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15 Apr
'Sblood! Does it taste good?

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 93 16:51:48 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: 'Sblood!  Does it taste good?

[Zounds!  Is everybody getting into the pun biz?  --psl]

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 From tryde@typhon Tue Apr 13 16:59 EDT 1993
 From the Glasgow Herald, 29-3-91:

A chocolate Jesus which bleeds red jam has outraged Church leaders. The
Easter sweet is marketed as the "immaculate confection". It's a model of
Christ nailed to a chocolate cross, and comes complete with a crown of
thorns and a look of agony.
The chocolate Christ is named Sweet Jesus by the man who invented it,
Richard Manderson, of Canberra, Australia. He says eating them should make
people more aware of the meaning of Easter than munching a chocolate egg.
And he's hit on the slogan: "Put religion back into Easter with an edible
icon". But Sydney Catholic Church spokesman Father Brian Lucas hit back:
"They're irreverent and offensive.  It's an appalling exercise in bad

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