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15 Apr
Hair Mail Special

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 93 18:26:02 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Hair Mail Special

I'm sure glad I signed up for that bluegrass mailing list; I'm learning lots
about important things that bluegrass fans need to know about.  For instance,
my in-box has been filled with airy male hair mail lately.

To wit:

Archie Warnock wrote:
> ... On the other hand, he's bald, and that gives us someone to feel
> superior to :)

To which John Lupton replied:
> Wait a second!!! I resemble that remark!!...   :-)

Inspiring Frank Godbey to quote Ranger Doug:
> Hey!  My old saddle pal, Doug Green, says (and he should know),
> "God gives each man a limited number of male hormones.  If some
> want to use 'em to grow hair, that's their business."
> I think I'll get a hair cut this week, if I can decide which
> one of them to sacrifice.

Thereby triggering the following from Greg Cohoon:
> God is good.
> God is fair.
> To some he gave brains.
> To others, hair.

All of which incited Jeff Titon to quote Loyal Jones:
> Anyway, on the subject of baldness, Loyal Jones, who probably knows
> more jokes than anyone I know, once explained to me his theory: "God
> only made so many perfect heads; the rest God covered with hair."
> Jeff ("Quickly Thinning in the Hair Dept. but Nowhere Else") Titon

And then Nat Torkington couldn't pass up the straight line:
> Leave your back out of this, Jeff :-)

Which finally me think for a moment ...
but only for a moment; I won't do it again, honest!

Peter Langston
Seattle, WA

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