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16 Apr
A Replacement fot the Komputerized Kuisinart

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 12:58:46 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: A Replacement fot the  Komputerized Kuisinart

[As I've mentioned before, we used to refer to a Cuisinart with
 an embedded microprocessor as the example of extreme high-tech
 foolishness.  Hah!  What did we know?  This is MUCH better ...

 From: <>
 From: Davis Oldham <>
 from the "No Comment" column in this month's Progressive Magazine:

New-product listing from Plumbing Heating Piping magazine:

		"Toilet Seat Video.

Video presenting features and benefits of the Washlett SIII
micro-computerized wash/dry toilet seat is available in two versions:
general audience and medical.  General audience demonstrates product
and features an endorsement from Dr. Dean Edel, while the medical
version also includes testimonials from medical practitioners and

[So not only do we get a new meaning for "end-user, but with a little
 bit of game software for it, we could probably squeeze some money out
 of our revolutionary Procto-Switch controller!  (Thanks, r.)"  --psl]

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