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29 Apr
Spreading the word...

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 13:20:25 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Spreading the word...

 From: Keith Bostic <bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
 From the Net:

Greeting from Russia,
My name is Dmitry.I live in Siberia, I am 27 years old.
I am a chief of hardware & software department of Design & Building firm 
I am a brand-new user of USENET. My newsserver post me Yours groups address. 
May I ask You a little question?
I read in PC-Magasine catalogue about sexy software (pictures, games and movies).
Can You show me any examples of it?
I know about copyright, but maybe its freeware? In Siberia we have no hard 
currency to bye this software. We bye AutoCAD, Turbo Pascal for Windows, 
Microsoft Works, but all by roubles. Can You present me and my department 
members any example of erotic and sexy pictures and software.
A lot of thanks for all, who read this letter!
Sorry my English mistakes.
With best whishes,

Siberian man
P.S.            Greeting from siberian Bears
*** Tipicin # Design & Building firm"SIBERIA"
Chief of new technology department, Hardware, software,computer animation, 
design, CAD/CAM
*Office:630099,Novosibirsk-99,Gorjkogo st.39,tel:(383-2)22-21-18,
fax:(383-2)217-795,(383-2)217-978*Home tel:(383-2)69-30-13

This heartfelt plea has touched me, more than any request since "Mars Needs
Women!"  What can we, the USENET community, do to send relief and whacking 
material to Siberia?  This must be handled delicately, as the Russki's are
notorious blue-noses and a sudden flood of XXX GIF files could cause what's
left of the KGB to drop the million pound shit-hammer on poor Dmitry.
  Granted, what are they going to do to him, Send him to Siberia?  We owe
it to Dmitry to keep him on the net and not cause him to lose his access.
  Lets get him kitted out with xv, picem, pc-based viewers, djpeg and cjpeg,
Image Alchemy and the like (subject to export restrictions).  Find out what
he's running on.  It may be he doesn't have VGA or X.  
  And a nice sampler of Sexy software:  the Jenny series, some of the DFG,
nothing too nasty until we figure out how secure his channels are.  Perhaps 
some of our friends in Finland could help.  And as a start, how about some
bright boy wih a stack of back issues of Playboy and a scanner starting off
with "The Girls of the Soviet Union" from a couple of years ago.  
  I've spent the last four winters in Minneapolis and know you can go from 
October to April without seeing any more skin than a few red noses.  In
Novosibirsk, (that would be in Irkutsk for you Risk players), he's not too far
from Tannu Tuva, the fantasy destination of Richard Feynmann.  About as far
as I am to Chicago.  Maybe these Tuvan throat singers pile into the Moskva
and drive to Novosibirsk for spring break.  
  Let's work together and help Dmitry assemble the best collection of computer
pornography in all of Central Asia!

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