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29 Apr
Coondog for sale

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 13:24:22 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Coondog for sale

 From: Keith Bostic < bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU>

                COONDOG MEMORY
        (heard in Rutledge, Missouri, about eighteen years ago)

"Now, this dog is for sale, and she can not only follow a trail twice as
old as the average dog can, but she's got a pretty good memory to boot.
For instance, last week this old boy who lives down the road from me, and
is forever stinkmouthing my hounds, brought some city fellow around to try
out ol' Sis here.  So I turned her out south of the house and she made two
or three big swings back and forth across the edge of the woods, set back
her head, bayed a couple of times, cut straight through the woods, come to
a little clearing, jumped about three foot straight up in the air, run to
the other side, and commenced to letting out a racket like she had something
treed.  We went over there with our flashlights and shone them up in the
tree but couldn't catch no shine offa coon's eyes, and my neighbor sorta
indicated that ol' Sis might be a little crazy, `cause she stood right to
the tree and kept singing up into it.  So I pulled off my coat and climbed
up into the branches, and sure enough, there was a coon skeleton wedged in
between a couple of branches about twenty foot up.  Now as I was saying,
she can follow a pretty old trail, but this fellow was still calling her
crazy or touched `cause she had hopped up in the air while she was crossing
the clearing, until I reminded him that the Hawkins' had a fence across there
about five years back.  Now, this dog is for sale."

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