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5 May
passive assault?

Date: Wed,  5 May 93 18:21:34 PDT
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Subject: passive assault?

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 From page 1 of The Observer (Tufts University newspaper), Thursday, April 15:

         by Mike Plotnick

     The Colby College Dean of Students accepted a recommendation on
Saturday from a Colby judicial panel consisting of five women and four men,
to find Colby student Paul Froio not guilty of the sexual assault of a Tufts
female, according to Sally Baker, director of communications at Colby.
     Froio, a senior, was acquitted of a charge levied by a Tufts student
that he sexually assaulted her following a Tufts-Colby football game on
November 7, at Tufts University.
     The Tufts student who brought the charges claimed that she performed
oral sex on Froio, but realized after the fact that he was not the man she
had gone to bed with earlier, the Associated Press reported.
     According to the AP service, the woman said that she woke up with her
head on a man's chest, performed fellatio, and then realized he was not the
Tufts student she originally went to bed with.
     Froio, a member of the Colby football team, had attended a party at the
Delta Upsilon house following the football game.  The woman had gone to bed
with a Tufts student, who left sometime during the night, according to her
complaint.  AP reported that the woman could not identify Froio at the
hearing, and that Froio opted not to testify at the hearing.

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