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16 May
coming soon to a dealer near you

Date: Sun, 16 May 93 19:25:42 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: coming soon to a dealer near you

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 From: limey (Craig Hughes)

Two guys draw up to a traffic light, one in a Mini and the other in a Rolls
Royce.  The guy in the Mini winds down his electric windows; not to be outdone,
the Rolls driver winds his down in reply.

The Mini driver then presses a button to open his sun-roof; again, the Rolls
driver does the same.

Next, the Mini driver presses a button that causes a double bed to appear in
the back of his car!  The Rolls driver is gob-smacked and watches in disbelief
as the Mini-with-a-double-bed drives off from the green light.

Immediately, the Rolls driver goes round to his local garage and asks for an
insto-bed to be fitted to his car.  The mechanic tells him it will be very
expensive. The Rolls driver insists it be installed; he does not care about the cost.

A few weeks later he collects his car with the insto-bed fitted.  He spends
hours driving around looking for the Mini.  Eventually, he finds it parked in a
lay-by.  Its windows are all steamed up and the car is rocking.

The Rolls driver pulls up slowly, and knocks on the mini's window.  After a
short pause the Mini driver's head pops out.

"What?" says the Mini driver.

"Watch this!" says the Rolls driver.

He then depresses the new button and smirks proudly as a double bed appears...

Prompting the Mini driver to ask, "You mean you got me out of the shower to
show me that!?"

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