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20 May
Gates Gets Gotten

Date: Thu, 20 May 93 02:35:14 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Gates Gets Gotten

 From: "Lou Katz" <lou_katz@usenix.ORG>
 From: david@rgbsys (David Marsyla)
 From milo! Mon May 17 12:36:31 1993
 From: Pete Clark <milo!>

  At the annual Computer Trivia show (a fundraiser in San Jose which gets a
lot of industry bigwigs together to compete on obscure computer questions
with a lot of money being raised for charity), Jean Louis-Gassee, formerly
of Apple, got Bill Gates big-time.  Gates acted as moderator for the event
which was done in Hollywood Squares-style, and he asked the question "There
is a long-running contest on the Usenet to write the most confusing or
bizarre but working C program. Name this contest."  Gassee, without a
hesitation, responded "Microsoft Windows".

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