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20 May
The Great Internet Treasure Hunt

Date: Thu, 20 May 93 17:27:48 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Great Internet Treasure Hunt

[This has been mildly edited for grammar, the removal of gratuituous
exclamation points, and the addition of a few clarifications.  -psl]

 From: Keith Bostic <bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
 From: dedstrom@sundc.East.Sun.COM (Dave Edstrom)

Station: Internet Multicasting Service
Channel: Internet Town Hall
Program: National Public Radio meets the Internet
Release: May 21, 1993, 2-3PM EDT 
Content: The Great Internet Treasure Hunt!

Test your Internet Quotient (IQ) and win fame and glory with the
Great Internet Treasure Hunt.

This message has six questions for you to answer.  We're interested 
not only in the right answer but *how* you get the answer.  If you 
can tell us many different ways of getting the same information, you 
get extra credit.  Creative answers also get extra credit.

Deadline for submitting questions [how about answers? -psl] is 3PM,
Eastern Daylight Time [on 5/21 probably -psl] to .
Some answers may be mentioned on Talk of the Nation/Science Friday
which will take place from 2-3PM on 5/21.
Others answers will be posted on the net and a winner declared by 
3 PM EDT on Sunday.

**** SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO BY 3 PM, EDT [on 5/21? -psl] ****

Rules of the road:

     1. All answers must be obtained from the Internet.  Tell
        us *HOW* you got the answer!  Diversity will be rewarded,
        verbosity will be ignored.

     2. There are no prizes.  Some entries will be mentioned
        on Science Friday.  A more complete posting of answers
        and a winner will be posted on the Internet by Sunday,

     3. All entries must be received by 3PM, EDT on Friday
        May 21 [note: this is the ONLY place that associates a date
	with the 3PM deadline, so if it's wrong... well... -psl].
	We are not responsible for network outages or delays or any
	other reason.  No whining will be tolerated.

     4. Judging will be an arbitrary decision by the Internet
        Multicasting Service.  No appeals are possible and
        no whining will be tolerated.

Thanks to Rick Gates from the University of California, Santa Barbara
for drafting these questions.  Rick runs the regular, monthly Internet 
Treasure Hunt.

**** SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO BY 3 PM EDT [on some day -psl] ****

=========================THE QUESTIONS=========================

Q: I'm curious how the new countries in Eastern Europe are 
progressing on their road towards international recognition.  
Are Latvia, the Ukraine, and Bosnia and Herzegovina members of 
the UN?  If so, when did they get admitted?

Q: When is the next scheduled launch of the U.S. Space Shuttle
Endeavor?  What is its mission?

Q: We're thinking of moving from the Rust Belt to the Golden West
in search of economic opportunity.  Could you compare the unemployment
rate in Detroit to that in Los Angeles?  [I doubt that they want the
obvious answer of "yes"... -psl]

Q: A friend of mine showed me a file which he called an "ASCII text
file".  I asked him what the ASCII meant, and he said it means that
it's just plain text, but he figures it must stand for *something.* 
What does ASCII stand for?

Q: What are the ingredients in the witches brew in Macbeth?

Q: Who did U.S. President Clinton nominate as U.S. Ambassador to


**** SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO BY 3 PM EDT [on some day -psl] ****

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