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27 May
Wave Dynamics 101

Date: Thu, 27 May 93 12:57:59 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Wave Dynamics 101

 From: (Mark Seiden)

	SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- A local radio station stunt -- blocking the
busy San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to reenact President Clinton's famous
runway haircut -- tied up commuter traffic for miles Wednesday and may lead
to criminal charges.
	The station -- KSOL -- sent five vans onto the busy span during the
height of morning rush hour at 8 a.m.. The five vehicles were stopped for
eight minutes within sight of downtown San Francisco as a barber cut the
hair of a man who is known as the station's mascot.
	By that time, commuter traffic had already backed up for several
miles and forced hundreds of workers to be late for work.
	The only explanation the station offered was by its morning disc
jockey, who goes by the name of ``Mancow.'' He said KSOL staged the stunt to
protest Clinton's tying up Los Angeles International Airport last Tuesday
for 56 minutes while he was given a haircut.
	But few caught in the traffic tie-up, which lasted until at least
10:30 a.m., found the humor in the stunt.
	``What about the guy who has to punch the clock?'' asked commuter
Bobby Green on KCBS. ``I could care less what President Clinton did. I was
late for work.''
	California Highway Patrol spokesman Bill Wiley called the stunt
``immature and ridiculous.''
	An official with Caltrans said the agency would look into having
charges filed against the station by the San Francisco District Attorney's
Office. He added the agency is also considering contacting the Federal
Communications Commission.

[No, "Wave Dynamics 101" isn't meant to refer to the stupid wave that
apparently swept over KSOL (are they in the Limbaugh Network or something?);
but it's cool (sort of) that an 8 minute flow interruption at 8 a.m. still
had traffic tied-up at 10:30. -psl]

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