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7 Jun
Party advice

Date: Mon,  7 Jun 93 23:23:54 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Party advice

[A woman, lying on the dance floor, looks pitifully at the camera and wails
into a small calculator-like device: "Help!  I'm white and I can't get down!"  -psl]

 From: Keith Bostic <bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
 From the May 28, 1993 SF Chronicle
 From a new book *Success at Work: A Guide for African Americans*,
	by Anita Doreen Diggs:

  o Throw a party for white coworkers: "Giving a party for white people is
easy and incredibly cheap because you don't have to buy much food.  ... 
Don't be tempted to really cook no matter how many times they ask if you
will make a soul food dish.  With all the concern about heart disease and
other health-related issues, they are only going to pick at it anyway."

  Diggs advises stopping by "your mother's house on the way home from work
and borrow all her Motown albums.  White folks love Motown."

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