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7 Jun
Cosmology Update

Date: Mon,  7 Jun 93 23:37:13 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Cosmology Update

                    BEFORE THE BIG BANG:

The Astronomer was red-eyed, pale,
his face was gray with stubble;
he was 13 on a sliding scale          "Is Physics just a fairy tale?"
of 1 to 10 in trouble.                he asked, and then began to wail,
                                      "Why DID we seek the holy grail?
                                      Why did we launch the Hubble?
The launch was good (relax, exhale)
the data systems did not fail
we peered beyond the cosmic veil,     to back before the quarks prevail.
the anti-cosmic double                We digitized each dark detail
                                      but it was all to no avail,
                                      it burst our pretty bubble."

                "WHAT did you see?" I asked "Before
                   Beginning Big Bang lights?"
       (I reviews and interviews.  I edits and I writes.)
     "Before the start of Time, before the Universe's Birth,
 What DID the Hubble show, ten billion years before the Earth?"
               He told me.  Now I writes no more.
                    I drinks a bit.  I edits.
             "Right before the Beginning," he said,
                "is when THEY roll the credits!"

                -- Jonathon V. Post

 From: Keith Bostic <bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU>

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