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16 Jun
but eating bagels is part of my religion!

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 93 12:38:46 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: but eating bagels is part of my religion!

 From: (Mark Seiden)
 From: (E. Scott Menter)

[ Sorry if this gets posted more than once.  My mailer has been into the
poppyseeds again... ]

JUPITER, Fla. - A Florida parolee almost found himself back in jail after
a drug test failed to distinguish between heroin and the poppyseeds on his
breakfast bagel.
As a result, any released prisoner who tests positive for morphine will be
barred from eating poppyseed bagels as a condition of parole, a Florida
Department of Correction official said Tuesday.
John Ambre, director of Toxicology and Drug Abuse at the American Medial
Assn., confirmed that poppyseeds - which contain a tiny bit of morphine
[sic] - can affect a drug test.

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