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25 Jun
Jurassic Park Computer Graphics

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 93 14:03:05 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Jurassic Park Computer Graphics

 From: bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)
 From: (Ellen Poon)

So onto Jurassic, this is the scoop:

- ILM did the full motion dinosaurs. Any critter you can see most of
  or all of and has realistic animation is done by us.

- we did the brachiosaurus sequence: people riding in a jeep,
  step out to have a look and watch the brachio chews some leaves from
  an eucalyptus tree. 

- the wide shots where people are watching herds of brachiosaurus,
  birds and parasaurolophus drinking water out of a pond. 

- one shot with a raptor falling through an opening, then gets up and tries
  to bite the little girl.

- the stempede sequence: herds of gallimimus running in the field and
  eventually a T-rex jumps out and eats one of them.

- the main road sequence: T-rex knocking down electric fence (which has
  been dis-armed), squash the jeep, chase after Jeff Goldblum and then
  pushes the jeep off the cliff. The fence is cg, the jeep in most of 
  the scenes is cg, you will have to guess which one.

- the jeep chase sequence: T-rex emerges from the woods and chases after
  the jeep. A lot of the debris are cg too.

- raptor kitchen seqence: two raptors going after the two kids in the

- raptor rotunda sequence: end sequence of the movie and the final
  showdown between the T-rex and the raptors.

- all the critters in these scenes are cg with the exception of a few
  short shots using rubber models/puppets. 

- the scene where the brachio sneezes.
- Sam Neill and the kids watching a herd of brachios eating leaves from
  a distance. You only see are the necks and the heads of the brachios
  in this one.

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