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22 Jul
Emcee Workshop

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 93 18:27:12 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Emcee Workshop

[As I'm just about to take off to music camp, I thought I'd pass along this
little self-study course for anyone interested in being a Master of Ceremonies. -psl]

 From: Chris Stuart <cs10@CORNELL.EDU>

>From: Al Steiner <>
>This topic may have been
>covered before on BGRASS-L, but I wondered whether any of the regular
>emcees that post here might want to share their approach and aesthetic.

	The Ten Rules of Emceeing

1) Always mispronounce the performer's name.

2) Tell long stories about how your third cousin once dated Elvis' drummer.

3) Use just your middle finger to tell the performer there's time for one
   more song.

4) Drink up or empty out all the backstage water.

5) Interrupt the performer at least once to announce that someone has
   stolen your Braves cap.

6) Insult all the women.

7) Insult all the men.

8) Proudly wear your MegaDeath t-shirt.

9) Constantly test the sound level of the mic by blowing into it until
   you get feedback [and then grumble at the sound crew].

10) Always, always, stay at least an hour behind schedule.

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