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30 Jul
More Stupid Corporation Tricks

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 93 20:23:40 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: More Stupid Corporation Tricks

 From: (Roger Korn)
 From: Kayo Parsons-Korn <uunet!!>

Today one of our marketing guys sent out mail about Sequent's new
awareness campaign. Our new slogan is "Our business is your success",
which prompted the following suggestions from Techpubs for a slogan:

Current List:

"Just Buy It" 
"Our Success is Your Business"
"Our business is getting your money"
"Sequent: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore" 
"Sequent: We're Next to Nike!"
"If you don't come see me today, I can't buy any more racecars" 
"UNIX today, NT tomorrow"
"Our business is ... none of your business" 
"At Sequent, Quality is job #4 (maybe #5)."
"If you don't come see us today, we won't be here tomorrow."
"Uh, huh.:-)  Uh, oh. :-("
"Sequent is our kind of place, a hap-hap-happy place, a clean and sappy place...
"At Sequent, we make money the old-fashioned way. We fool you."
"NT, the wave of the future. Why, the darn thing has wings! ;-) "
"Just re-do it!"
"Sequent: Our Name Says It All"
"Have a Sequent Day!"
"Aim High then Run Like Hell"
"Better late than never"
"Spitting into the WindServer"
"Success used to be our business"
"Suspicion Breeds Confidence"
"We MEANT to do that"
"Yesterday's Technology Today"
"Yanking the Chain of the Enterprise"
"Seventeen guys and a bicycle."
"You be the bit, we'll be the bucket"
"Quantity is job 1"

 From: (Roger Korn)
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