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20 Aug
Careers in Computers

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 93 11:56:59 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Careers in Computers

 From: Scott_Forstall (Scott Forstall)

Cosmopolitan Magazine, one of the few remaining bastions of hard-hitting
journalism, has done a piece titled 'Careers in Computers' in their August
issue on how to get a job in the high-tech industry.  Some excerpts:

"Careers in Computers -- No longer for nerds only, this heady, 
high-tech world is where brilliant, sexy dynamos work, play, earn  

"There are *some* classic nerds, complete with plastic pocket pen 
holder, but many in the field are intelligent and *hunky*!  You'll find 
them at computer conferences, seminars, expos and users' group 
meetings.  (Any business in which a major player is named Rod Canion -- 
founder and former CEO of computer manufacturer Compaq -- can't be 
bad!)  And a woman who sparkles when she's discussing megabytes and 
hard drives can have her pick of the pack."

"CompuSpeak Glossary -- Communicate with handsome computer jocks in
*their language*.  Here's a quick guide to basic terms."

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