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24 Aug
They forgot `Lemon Freshened'

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 93 11:38:39 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: They forgot `Lemon Freshened'

 From the Technology column (Ken Siegmann, S.F. Chronicle, August 24):

The computer industry has spawned almost as many buzzwords as it
has new technologies.  Many of them are incomprehensible to most
people.  So a friend in the computer business supplied this explanation
of some of the more common phrases:

* All New:   The software is not compatible with previous versions.
* Advanced Design:   Upper management doesn't understand it.
* Breakthrough:   It nearly worked on the first try.
* Revolutionary:   The disk drives go round and round.
* It's here at last:   We finished a 26-week project in 48 weeks.
* Years of development:   We finally got one to work.
* Maintenance Free:   Impossible to fix.

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