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7 Sep
Operating Systems

Date: Tue,  7 Sep 93 20:42:26 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Operating Systems

Here we compare operating systems by equating them with the "literature"
appropriate to their users... (adapted from

Multics - Iliad
  Full of heroes & exploits
  Modern firepower renders most of its tactics obsolete.

UNIX - Aeneid
  Studied in more classrooms than the Iliad
  (different language, different cultural matrix, different goals)

OS/360 - Internal revenue code
  Widely studied, but few consider it an epic

MSDOS - Gilligan's Island
  Simple-minded caricatures

Mac OS - Cheers
  "Friendly" in an alcoholic sort of way

Windows - Married With Children
  Nasty-minded caricatures

Windows NT - Martin
  Even though it follows a successful show...

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