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20 Sep
Top Ten Reasons Why ...

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 93 15:22:40 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Top Ten Reasons Why ...

 From: Neil.Groundwater@Central.Sun.COM

Top Ten Reasons Why the Disappearance of Mars Observer is Like the
Assassination of John F. Kennedy...

10. "Mars Observer" and "John F. Kennedy" have the same number of
    letters in them.

9.  Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, and Mars Observer was lost in 1993
    - 30 years apart.

8.  Both are referred to by their initials: MO & JFK

7.  Dr. Edward Stone is investigating the disappearance of Mars Observer
    - Oliver Stone investigated the assassination of John Kennedy.

6.  Neither was "bullet proof".

5.  One was killed by a projectile while the other WAS a projectile.

4.  JPL vs. JFK.  Enough said.

3.  One was from a family surrounded by controversy. The other was built
    by a defense contractor.

2.  Both were "dead on arrival".

1.  John Kennedy started the space program. The Mars Observer might just
    end it.

[Prett unconvincing, eh?  -psl]

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