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[And now, in the State Spotlight ... ]

* Washington state Rep. Ron Jacobsen introduced a resolution in February
calling for the appointment of a state poet laureate "to write poetry and
lofty expressions to be read at appropriate state occasions." The state
wine industry would pay the laureate's salary:  126 gallons of wine a year.
[USA Today, 2-5- 93]

* Georgia state Rep. Jimmy Benefield, 52, admitted in August he was the
one who brought a dildo onto the floor of the Legislature.  But he denied
he showed it to the 14-year-old legislative assistant who had said an
unidentified man showed it to him.  According to two lobbyists, Benefield
occasionally walked around the halls wearing the dildo, covered by an apron
over his suit, and flashing it at passersby.
[Charleston, S. C., Post and Courier-AP, 8-9-93]

* Among the winners in Russia's local elections in April was billionaire
Kirsan Hyumzhinov, elected president of the republic of Kalmyk.  One of his
campaign promises was simply to give the equivalent of $100 to every family
in the republic.
[Columbus Dispatch-AP, Apr93]

* A March Associated Press roundup of bills introduced in state legislatures
included an attempt in Maine to outlaw electronic moose calls; a proposal
in Minnesota to permit tavern customers to roll dice (without violating
anti-gambling laws) to see who pays the tab; and a Florida proposal to
require a man who has extra- marital sex to register with the state in order
to preserve parental rights he may have to any offspring.
[St. Louis Post-Dispatch-AP, 3-27-93; USA Today, 8-13- 93]

* Texas lawmakers this term amended the state's unique marital-aids (such
as artificial penises) law to permit health professionals legally to possess
six or more.  For other people, possession of six or more is a felony, and
still at issue under the state penal code is whether possession of even a
single marital aid will continue to be treated as a misdemeanor.
[Houston Chronicle, 3-28-93]

* Wiley Davis, Jr., 52, was sentenced to three years in prison for
falsifying educational achievements on his resume in order to obtain his
job as career development manager of the Durham, N. C., police department.
According to a colleague interviewed by the Durham Herald-Sun, Davis said
a "nationwide conspiracy" was responsible for deleting records in
Philadelphia (of his alleged high school diploma) and in College Park, Md.
(of his alleged college degree), as well as records of his other alleged
[Durham Herald-Sun, 7-8-93]

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