Fun_People Archive
8 Oct
Fun_Mail delivery problems

Date: Fri,  8 Oct 93 17:28:48 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Fun_Mail delivery problems

Dear Fun_People,
    I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but it looks like we've solved
the problem of the mysterious disappearances of Fun_Mail by breaking
up the fun_people list into two smaller lists (Fun_People and _2).
    I'd still like to figure out exactly which part of the list was losing
mail.  It would help me if you'd fill in the little questionnaire at the bottom
of this message and send it back...
    If you are one of the people who hasn't gotten any Fun_Mail for a long time
but has suddenly started receiving it and if you'd like to know what you missed
(and you have an inordinate amount of free time on your hands) check the box on
the form and I'll send you a little recap of the last few months.  On the other
hand, if you'd be happier not knowing what zany witticisms and socially-aware
helpful tips were lost (or you received them in the first place) and you don't
want a huge pile of mail to throw away, don't check the box and I won't send
you the recap.
    In any case, as an incentive for you to send back the form remember this:
if you want the recap but don't send back the form, you won't get the recap,
but if you don't want the recap and don't send back the form I'll be sure to
send you at least one recap.  How's that for an incentinve?
Please take your time and make sure your answers are accurate and complete.
Mark each selected choice with an X, i.e. "[ ]" becomes "[X]".
THERE ARE NO WRONG ANSWERS (but both "bad" and "stupid" are still possible).
You have 5 minutes to complete this test ... er ... questionnaire.

My name: ___________________________________ (easy points - better take 'em)

My email address: ___________________________ This is new [ ] (check if yes)

I have been a Fun_Person since: ___/__/__  (A date - just come close, okay?)

I have been receiving Fun_Mail (pick one):
[ ]  regularly (at least a few messages came every month).
[ ]  sporadically (there has been at least one gap of a month or more).
[ ]  only lately.  (I never really got much before the last week.)
[ ]  okay, so there are other possibilities (be explicit) _________________

Did I receive the Fun_Mail sent out on October 2 announcing the (then) upcoming
1993 IG NOBEL PRIZE ceremony?
[ ]  Yes, I did.
[ ]  No, I didn't.
[ ]  Well, I'm not sure whether I did or not... (hint: this is a bad answer)

Did I receive the Fun_Mail sent out on September 22 entitled: "Buy - 0 - Day 
===  just a reminder"?
[ ]  Yes, I did, & I observed Buy-0-Day by not buying anything on the 24th.
[ ]  Yes, I did, but I didn't observe Buy-0-Day.
[ ]  No, I didn't, and I bought something on the 24th.
[ ]  No, I didn't, but I avoided being a consumer on Buy-0-Day anyway.
[ ]  Well, I'm not sure whether I did or not... (oh, thanks a lot)

I received the Fun_Mail sent out on May 4th, 1993 entitled: "Hog Heaven":
[ ]  Yes, I did.
[ ]  No, I didn't.
[ ]  Well, I'm not sure whether I did or not...

Faced with the possibility of getting digests of Fun_Mail that I may have
missed I would like to get the following: (check any that apply)
[ ]  September, 1993
[ ]  August, 1993
[ ]  July, 1993
[ ]  June, 1993
[ ]  May, 1993

About my Fun_Mail subscription (pick one):
[ ]  I want to keep receiving Fun_Mail from the Fun_People mailing list.
[ ]  I don't want to.  [Remember what I said about stupid answers.]
[ ]  I want to, but I can't because: [Don't whine!] _______________________

Time's up!  Send your completed form in NOW to:

[=] © 1993 Peter Langston []