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8 Oct
Errors in certification...

Date: Fri,  8 Oct 93 17:50:25 PDT
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Subject: Errors in certification...

 From: WEIRDNUZ.294 (News of the Weird, September 24, 1993)
 From: Chuck Shepherd

* In January near Alvin, Tex., Andrea Guerero, 18, and
her brother came across a man who was slumped over the
wheel of his truck and not breathing, and Andrea
administered CPR until an ambulance arrived to take the
victim to a hospital, where he recovered.  Guerero was
on her way home from a CPR certification exam, which
she had flunked. [Dallas Morning News-AP, Jan93] 

* Two doctors, writing in a December 1992 issue of the
British Medical Journal, reported that a teenager,
hospitalized after a fall from an apartment building,
came down with a severe bacterial infection.  The
doctors traced the infection to holy water sprinkled on
him by his aunt, who was trying to help him survive the
injuries from his fall. [Globe & Mail, 12-18-92] 

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