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8 Oct
LJOTD (Lawyer Joke # 646568)

Date: Fri,  8 Oct 93 18:43:22 PDT
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Subject: LJOTD (Lawyer Joke # 646568)

 From: vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU!bostic (Keith Bostic)

So there these three lawyers are zooming along a country road and they get
into an accident with a gravedigger.  So the gravedigger pulls himself out
of his car and he's okay, but the lawyers are kinda messed up, so he buries
them, right there, and walks into town and calls the Sheriff.  "Sheriff,"
he says, "terrible accident I just had.  Three lawyers in it, they was
all dead, so I buried them." Sheriff says, "What?  You went ahead and
buried them already?  Are you *sure* they was dead?"  Gravedigger says
reluctantly, "Well, they said they wasn't, but you know how those fellas
                -- Daniel Keys Moran, The Last Dancer

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