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8 Oct
Politically Correct Dining Takes A Giant Step

Date: Fri,  8 Oct 93 18:45:59 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Politically Correct Dining Takes A Giant Step

 From: vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU!bostic (Keith Bostic)
 From: The Boston Globe  Oct. 7, 1993

    Japanese cuisine is famous for its freshness, subtlety in taste and
esthetic presentation.
    Sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, tofu...what else floats to the fore of the
imagination when considering the delicacies of this Oriental fare? How about
a suasage made from sewage?
    A laboratory in western Japan has devised a way to process sewage into
an edible high-protein enriched meat substitute.
    The laboratory at the Environmental Assessment Center in Okayama was
asked by the city sewage department to find an end-use for recycled sewage,
said Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a member of the team that developed the material.
    "The sewage department wants to show citizens that sewage isn't really
such a dangerous and dirty thing, that it can be recycled into something
useful," Ikeda said.
    Making a sewage burger is easy.
    The protein is drawn out from the solids in the sewage, then mixed with
soybean protein and food additives. The finishing touch is a standby in every
Japanese kitchen - steak sauce for flavor.
    Voila! A substance resembling beef in looks and texture and some what
in taste and smell is produced.

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