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9 Oct
A year ago this month

Date: Sat,  9 Oct 93 14:31:19 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: A year ago this month

[I seem to remember sending this out last year, but since I can find no
record of it... -psl]

During the two-hour break between Metallica and Guns 'n' Roses, no one
will be allowed to leave and re-enter the Kingdome.  In the past the
crowd has become very rambunctious while waiting for Axl Rose.  To
entertain the crowd, the promoters have initiated what is known as
'Show Me Your Tits.'  Females will be boosted onto the shoulders of
their companions, where they will expose their breasts to a camera that
projects the image onto a big screen.  This form of entertainment has
served to keep the crowd in check.

 - from a memo distributed by the Seattle Police Department in October
   1992 to officers who were scheduled for duty at the Kingdome during a
   heavy metal concert.  The above "entertainment" was cancelled after
   the memo was made public.

[It's really cool living in such a Politically Correct place with such a hip
police force.  I'm even thinking about consulting them on my idea for our next
gig -- between sets we could have the audience play 'Show Me Your Cock!'  Or,
even better, maybe we could make it really tough and competitive by having the
audience play 'Show Me Your Erection!'  -psl]

[=] © 1993 Peter Langston []