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11 Oct
Show us the length of your raincoat...

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 93 22:36:36 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Show us the length of your raincoat...

[This is in re my (enlightened) suggestion for having unruly audiences play
"Show Me Your Cock" between sets at old time music concerts (contra dances,
too, for that matter).  I hope you remember that particular piece of Fun_Mail
because this will seem a little out of left field otherwise... -psl]

 Re: A year ago this month

Some years ago, Jane Voss and Hoyle Osborne had a 45rpm single (single
what, Latte?) with a B side of "Winnebagos on the Rampage" and an A
side of "Show Us The Length Of Your Cock".  The A song is based on an
"incident" where the mayor of Pacifica, CA got up in front of a high
school auditorium and praised all the girls who would be entering the
local beauty pageant, whereupon one girl stood up and said, "Mr.
Mayor, ..."  Well, you get the idea :-)

	;-D on  ( Free association and cheap thrills )  Pardo

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