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12 Oct
Information please...

Date: Tue, 12 Oct 93 01:03:09 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: Information please...

 From: (Dave Yost)
 From: (Curtis Jackson)

It's not that I don't know things like this exist; it's just the
blatant nature of it, the pervasiveness, and the ease of access
that really bum me out.


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                      DIGITAL DETECTIVE
                     2241 W. Howard #208
                      Chicago, IL 60645   
                      Phone: 312-465-0770
                        Fax: 312-743-0070

I wish to announce my recent aquisition of some databases which are primarily
used by skip-tracing, investigative and government agencies to locate people,
any assets they may have, and other pertinent and personal details of their

These databases are being made available to anyone who wishes to have access
to them. The charges are simply being passed along, 'at cost' based on what I
am paying.

First, a description of what is available and the cost for access.  Then,
information on how to obtain the information you want.


You provide an SSN. I will advise you of all the names which have been used
with this SSN, and the addresses which go with each. Or it can be the other
way around: you supply an exact name and address (it can sometimes be a former
address), and I will supply you with the SSN used by that person.

      Cost for each lookup, either direction is $60.00


You provide a name. Any name okay, but very common names will render a useless
list. Middle initials and last known address is requested if possible.  You'll
receive a listing of every person who has that name, along with other data:

     New address if they moved;
     Telephone number provided the number is published;
     Residence type;
     Length of residence;
     Date of birth;
     Up to four other household members and their dates of birth.

For additional information, People Finder also can provide a neighbor listing
which includes up to ten neighbors, their addresses, phone numbers and
residence types.

The People Finder database has 120 million names, 80 million households and 
61 million telephone numbers.

It can be searched by telephone number only: You provide the phone number, 
I will respond with the person's profile and neighbor listing.  Ot it can be
searched by address only, with the same results.

      Cost for each lookup is based on how extensive the search is. 

                Within a single state only,   $80
                Checking two or three states, $95
                Checking nationwide,          $120

                Address or phone trace,       $50  (either one)
                Both address/phone trace      $90

People Finder comes with a guarentee: if I cannot produce at least one person
with the name you request plus an address for that person, then there is no


Consumer Credit reports availale from one bureau,     $60
Consumer Credit reports available from three bureaus, $100

I need two things:

  1. The name and address of the person, plus SSN if possible.
  2. A *signed* statement that your request is for bonafide, legal reasons,
     i.e. you are considering an extension of credit to the person, or
     possibly employing them, etc. I cannot proceed without this signed


Has someone ever filed bankruptcy?  The database will tell you if they have or
not. Not all federal districts are yet installed but for those that are in the
database, I can get you the details:
                                 Any one district               $40
                                 Checking all districts avail.  $160

Commercial Credit reports available on any business in file,    $95
About fourteen million businesses and corporations included.

Criminal History records available at $75-100 per jurisdiction you request

      Want to know if someone has ever been in prison?
      Want to know if someone has ever been sued, or been a
         defendant in a criminal action? 

      I need the exact name, SSN and DOB of the person. (If needed, get the
      SSN and DOB by using the lookups mentioned earlier.)  If you have a good
      idea *where* such action or incarceration may have taken place, it will
      greatly reduce your costs in using this database.

Death Records can be provided in various formats:

      By SSN only - is the holder of that SSN deceased or not?  $30
      By name - a more detailed account of their demise         $40

Drivers Records can be pulled but the exact name and DOB
is essential; otherwise if you have the full driver's license
number, the search can be reversed, providing a name and DOB
plus address. (Then use People Finder address trace on them.)   $65

Education and degree verification is possible, and frequently
used to expose those people who are not what they claim to be.  $35

Real Property Asset Locator database                            $75
I can do this, but need to know *which* areas to search. With
this information, you know whether or not it is advisable to
sue someone 'for everything he has got' or not.

Who is the real owner of the corporation with which you are
having a dispute?  The name(s) and address(es) of the officers
of corporations are available in many places. Sometimes you
get their home address and phone number in the process.         

           If you know what state the corporation is based in   $45
           If you wish to have a search of 30 states done       $165

Would you like to know if soeone is getting workers comp money?
            If you know what state they are likely to get it
            from, I can verify it  (only in selected areas)     $63

Uniform Commercial Code filings by state                        $52

VIN (vehicle identification numbers) checked by state           $50


Now those are the basic items available in the databases. There are other
features and further, more detailed searches can be done at the rate of $100
per hour.

Some caveats:

You have to pay for the lookup whether or not it is successful because *I*
have to pay each time I access the databases. The better the information you
provide to start with, the more likely you will get positive results.  The
exception is 'People Finder'. If I cannot provide you with *at least one name*
which matches your request or *at least one person* at the specified address
or phone number, then there is no charge. 'People Finder' may or may not
include unlisted/non-pub phone numbers. Don't count on it. It won't work with
PO Box addresses.

Regards SSN Trace, it does not work well if the person to whom the number is
issued is less than 21-22 years of age. The number has to be circulating for 
a year or so in order for it to make its way into the database. Meaning, a
person has to have credit, have entered into various agreements, etc ... and
they may have done this as early as age 18, but best results are obtained on
these traces if the person is at least a few years older.

On the Drivers Records checks, CA only lists names without addresses and MA/GA
are difficult to work with.

If you want a credit bureau report on someone, I repeat: you must send a
signed statement (by fax is okay) stating that you have a bonafide, legal
reason for this information. Spouses are *not* legally entitled to the credit
bureau file of their 'other half' without permission.


How to obtain the information you want:

Payment can be by credit card, electronic funds transfer from your USA bank
account, or check sent with your inquiry. If you pay by credit card or EFT,
then transactions can be handled by phone or fax entirely. With your request,
include your VISA/MC number, the name on the account, and date of expiration.
Or, include the name of your bank, the exact name on the checking account, and
*all* the numbers across the bottom of your check.

Telephone: 312-465-0707   or Fax: 312-743-0002

Generally, your search results will be returned to you within 24-36 hours
under most conditions.

If you prefer to send a letter, you can include your check or relevant credit
card information in the letter addressed to:

Patrick Townson
2241 West Howard Street #208
Chicago, IL 60645


Information should be available to everyone, not just the lawyers and bankers
and government agencies. I'll provide information to anyone, at anytime from
the categories above. Hope to hear from you soon with your requests.

Here's to successful snooping! Get the goods on your friends and enemies
alike. An imposter/fraud/con-artist on the net? Expose them in a detailed
message with stuff you get from the database.

Patrick Townson

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