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13 Oct
The subtle patterns of history

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 93 16:45:40 PDT
To: Fun_People
Subject: The subtle patterns of history

 From: <>
  From: (Phil Agre)
   From: a Pledge of Resistance parody of USA Today
    From: the October 1993 issue of Z Magazine (page 63):

A Washington think tank has announced a breakthrough in the search for a
pattern in the seemingly random US military aggression since World War Two.
"We think they're spelling out a message", explains an unnamed spokesperson.
"If we take the first letters of Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Iran, El
Salvador, Grenada, Nicaragua and Somalia, it spells 'ELVIS _S KING'.  We
just need to find another 'I' country -- Indiana might do -- to complete
the message."

[What an opportunity for speculation!  Since they're obviously spelling out
an homage to the Pelvis, we KNOW the next place they invade will start with
an I.  Them's the facts; now comes the speculation.  Indiana is cute, but
not very credible (for one thing, it's already under occupation).  But how
about India?  Or Italy or ... hmmm ... oh no!  Wait, ... what about ...
Ireland?  ...  -psl]

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