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20 Oct
Geographical Nomenclature

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 93 15:03:56 PDT
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Subject: Geographical Nomenclature

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From:    David Hinz <hinz@MEMPHIS.MED.GE.COM>

The notes about strange city names reminds me of a story my uncle tells.

He was travelling on business, in New Mexico.  He needed to cash a check,
and went to the bank (strangely enough).  He gave his check to the bank
teller, and she looked at it and said "O-co-no-co-mo-co-woc" (actually
'Oconomowoc')  "Gee, that's a funny name for a city!"

My uncle's response was "And Albuquerque isn't?"


 From:    Katie Buller <KTBULLER@MACC.WISC.EDU>

Vandalized road sign seen near Chicago:

	Interstate 90
	Northwestern 0

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