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1 Nov
High School Math Proficiency Exam

Date: Mon,  1 Nov 93 17:34:47 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: High School Math Proficiency Exam

 From: vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU!bostic (Keith Bostic)

			City of East Los Angeles
		   High School Math Proficiency Exam

Name _______________________________  Gang Name  _____________________

 1. Johnny has an AK47 with a 40 round c1ip.  If he misses 6 out of
    10 shots and shoots 13 times at each drive by shooting, how many
    drive by shootings must he conduct before he shoots 50 people?

 2. Jose has 2 ounces of cocaine and he sells an 8 ball to Jackson for
    $320 and 2 grams to Billy for $35 per gram. What is the street
    value of the balance of the cocaine if he doesn't cut it?

 3. Ron is pimping for 3 girls. If the price is $65 for each trick,
    how many tricks will each have to turn so Jeff can pay for his
    $800 per day crack habit?

 4. Susan wants to cut her 1/2 pound of heroin to make 40% more
    profit.  How many ounces of cut will she need?

 5. Jose gets $200 for stealing a BMW, $50 for a Chevy, and $100 for a
    4x4. If he has already stolen 2 BMW's and 3 4x4's, how many Chevy's
    will he have to steal to make $1,000 ?

 6. Raoul is in prison for 6 years for murder. He got $25,000 for the 
    hit. If his common law wife is spending $250 per month, how much
    money will be left when he gets out of prison and how many years
    will he get for killing the bitch that spent his money?

 7. If the average can of spray paint covers 22 square feet and the 
    average letter is 2 square feet, how many letters can a tagger
    spray with 3 cans of paint?

 8. Hector knocked up 6 girls in his gang. There are 27 girls in the
    gang. What percentage of the girls in the gang has Hector knocked

 9. Rosia's sole source of income is shoplifting.  If she gets 10 cents
    on the dollar from her fence, how much merchandise must she shoplift
    each week to make $250?

10. Mike carjacked a Chevy Camaro for his date Saturday night with his
    14 year old girlfriend.  He was arrested that night while making
    his girlfriend in the backseat.  How much prison time is he looking
    at for the carjacking and for statutory rape even though the girl
    looked legal?  Assume no prior convictions in arriving at your answer.

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