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7 Nov
Scat-O-Report, a Stupid (insensitive) Criminal Trick, and surprise PC

Date: Sun,  7 Nov 93 23:31:34 PST
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Subject: Scat-O-Report, a Stupid (insensitive) Criminal Trick, and surprise PC

 From: bostic@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)
 From: WEIRDNUZ.298 (News of the Weird, October 22, 1993)
 by Chuck Shepherd

[First, the week's triple Scat-O-Report:]

* The Wichita Falls (Tex.) Times Record News reported in July that David
Garza of Henrietta, Tex., has collected 75 ball-point pens that he says have
floated into his toilet from sewer lines over the past two years.  Neither
he nor sewer company authorities offered an explanation.
{Houston Chronicle-AP, 7-4-93}

* The Albany (N. Y.) Times Union reported recently that Stella Downing, 81,
had just sold her 167-piece collection of bedpans and urinals, to be housed
in a museum in Missouri.  The oldest, made of tin, is from the 18th century.
{Wilmington (N. C.) Morning Star- Albany Times Union, Aug93}

* The Baltimore Sun reported in June that New York City artist Todd Alden
recently asked 400 art collectors worldwide to send him samples of their
feces so he can offer them for sale in personalized tins.  Said Alden,
"scatology is emerging as an increasingly significant part of artistic
inquiry in the 1990s."  The feces of Italian artist Piero Manzoni, canned
in 1961, recently sold for $75,000. {Baltimore Evening Sun, 6-4-93}

[Mmmmm... 1961
 Not a great year, but a good year -- (good thing we didn't step in it).
 And then another in the endless series of Stupid Criminal Tricks:]

* Archie Calvin Whitehurst, 28, was arrested at the Mission Boulevard
Convalescent Hospital in San Jose, Calif., in August, and charged with
having sex with the body of a woman who had died eight hours earlier.
According to police, Whitehurst at first appeared not to have known the
woman was dead; when police asked him what he had done, he blurted out that
he had not raped the woman but that she had consented to sex.
{San Antonio Express-News-Knight-Ridder, 8-12-93}

[And finally, a hopeful note - Mexican professional wrestlers lead the way...]

* Cox News Service reported in August that Mexican professional wrestler
Gerardo Palomero, who works in a mask, colorful tights, and a cape under
the name "Super Animal," has taken to charging into Mexico City
slaughterhouses in costume to challenge workers to treat animals humanely.
Said one worker, "We just wish he would come in a respectable suit."
Another costumed wrestler, "Super Barrio," similarly defends tenants' rights
and works in AIDS education. {Austin American- Statesman-Cox, 8-9-93}

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