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9 Nov
supply side economics

Date: Tue,  9 Nov 93 16:50:53 PST
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Subject: supply side economics

[It's certainly silly, but it's no Laffer matter... sorry -psl]

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A recent page 3 story from Seoul.  It has everything - sex, sexual assault
by casual acquaintances, dubious statistics, and we can even blame it on
Ronald Reagan, chief proponent of supply side measures.

Plague of decadent barbershop makes reappearance in cities
  (Korea Herald staff reporter)

  Does supply create demand or does demand generate supply?
  Despite the government's repeated crackdowns, barbershops
providing "decadent" services beyond simply trimming hair are
said to be increasing across the nation.  These days, it seems
difficult to find "normal" barbershops in large cities.
  Against this backdrop, a group of barbers who wish to clean
their business recently held a public hearing to call for
measures to eradicate the pleasure-oriented shops.
  According to a survey conducted by these barbers, 44 percent
of male office workers in Seoul were found to have received
sex-related services at barbershops at least once.
  Among the pollees, all aged between 20 and 50, 10.2 percent
said they have received sexual services just once, 25.9 percent
said two to five times, 4.6 percent five to ten times, and 3.2
percent more than 10 times.
  But about 89.4 percent of those surveyed said they do not
want to receive sexual services at barbershops, an attitude
which implies that the problem of decadent service at barber-
shops might have originated on the supply side.
  Among those who have received sexual services at barbershops,
only ten percent said they had asked for it.  The rest cited
such reasons as "being carried away by the atmosphere", "not
having any serious thoughts", or "complying with the request
of the shaving girls."

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