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17 Nov
Re: What we'll do with 500 channels of video

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 15:45:35 PST
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Subject: Re: What we'll do with 500 channels of video

 From: Mike Jittlov <>

News of the Weird - Sept, 1992
Hollyweird:  Billy Milligan, 37, was recently hired to direct a $3 million
film based on the life of a serial rapist who plagued Columbus, Ohio, in
the late 1970s and who is now in prison.  Milligan has never directed
before.  His only qualifications for the job are that he was a serial
rapist himself in the 1970s and was on hand when Hollywood director James
Cameron shot Milligan's own life story, "The Crowded Room."  (Milligan
was found not guilty by reason of insanity and served 10 years in mental
institutions until his 20 multiple personalities "integrated" into one.)

[...yet another reason to blow this burg  -MJ]

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