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1 Dec
M.A.O.T.W. (Meeting Announcement Of The Week)

Date: Wed,  1 Dec 93 13:44:34 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: M.A.O.T.W. (Meeting Announcement Of The Week)

 From: vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU!bostic (Keith Bostic)

 Subject: GSB Friday, April 23, 5:30 pm, seventh floor playroom

                        SYMPOSIUM AND WORKSHOP
                          Robert Sly, Ph.D.

                      Healing, Hacking, Loving:
               Finding and Empowering Your Inner Luser

Every program you write is a sacred program.  But many young hackers,
especially, have lost touch with the rituals and timeless archetypes
that bind them to other hackers in a tradition stretching back  
through the decades.  These symbols -- motifs, sacred objects, songs  
and archetypes -- can help us ground negative energy associated with
hacking and bind us together in a holistic framework with the
applications we build, the systems we work with, and our user

Sitting in isolated offices, working on small, poorly-designed  
systems that sit on our desks, many of us have never understood or  
felt connected to those sacred dimensions of experience that  
characterized ancient hacking -- the triple rainbow cycle of  
development, the path to the machine room, the banishing of losers  
from the system console. Robert Sly, Ph.D., will lead the  
participants in this workshop on a shamanic journey to their own  
inner machine rooms.  Typing at our inner system consoles, we will  
each find and load our own personal symbol tables, very carefully  
patch our running systems, and proceed in an experience of  
transcendent renewal.

Robert Sly, Ph. D., is an expert on Apollonian and Dionysian
traditions of hacking who has read The New Hacker's Dictionary,
memorized several of the definitions, and occasionally sent mail to
UNIX-HATERS.  But he won't be at this week's

                 G I R L   S C O U T   B E N E F I T

at 5:30pm today in the seventh floor playroom, so we're safe!  Come  
on down, drink beer, and meditate until your personal power  
application appears to you in a vision.

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