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6 Dec
Just screw it up!

Date: Mon,  6 Dec 93 22:32:30 PST
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Subject: Just screw it up!

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[This reminds me of an NYT photo showing Iranian protesters; the
 caption said something like "Protesters waving anti-democracy signs
 yell anti-American epithets."  "Lies Of Our Times" reported that the
 signs actually read something like "Equality and education for all."
 (I probably have the exact quotes wrong, but you get the idea.)] 

> An article in Forbes magazine reports:
> Nike has a television commercial for hiking shoes that was shot in
> Kenya using Samburu tribesmen.  The camera closes in on one tribesman
> who speaks in native Maa.  As he speaks, the Nike slogan "Just Do It"
> appears on the screen.
> Lee Cronk, an anthropologist at the University of Cincinatti, says the
> Kenyan is really saying, "I don't want these. Give me big shoes."
> Says Nike's Elizabeth Dolan, "We thought nobody in America would know
> what he said."

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