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8 Dec
An opportunity

Date: Wed,  8 Dec 93 00:46:35 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: An opportunity

[Here's an opportunity to do something important.  A big battle is going
 on and you can influence the outcome.   -psl]
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Don't Let The Fundies Take A Bite Out Of Apple.

Apple Computer is under a well organized phone-fax-mail attack by the
Religious Right, demanding that Apple Computer drop its pro-human rights
policy of non-discrimination against lesbian and gay employees.  This
current round of hate-mongering is being spearheaded by the same groups that
spearheaded bigoted anti-gay initiatives across the country, including those
in Colorado and Oregon, according to Apple Computer employees. Many of the
calls are being placed by people from Texas, Colorado and Oregon.  Calls to
Apple Computer regarding its non-discrimination policies and domestic
partnership benefits for gay and lesbian employees is currently running 500
callers in opposition to every 1 in support of current policies.
We need to tip the balance back in our favor.

Apple Computer helped lead the way in Silicon Valley's pursuit of equal
rights for lesbian and gay employees. The Company's non-discrimination
policy, which includes sexual orientation and benefits for partners of
lesbian and gay employees, has been copied by a growing number of leading
high-tech corporation across the country.  Apple Computer has also donated
substantial amounts of product to gay and lesbian and AIDS non-profit groups

If Apple perceives that these policies are threatening their financial
position, or, if perceives that the Religious Right's hate-mongering could
invite a substantial boycott, it may be forced to rescind its equal rights
benefits.  The Company has already suffered a steady sell-off in stock and
company officials may begin to take a look at the Religious Right as the
source of at least part of this financial set back.

E-mail, fax, write and call Apple Computer to support their
anti-discrimination policies.

Fax number:    FAX:  408-974-9974

Address:    Apple Computer
            RE: Policies
            20525 Mariani Avenue
            Mail Stop 72P
            Cupertino, CA 95014

Phone: 408-996-1010, ask to speak to Kevin Sullivan,
Dir. Human Resources or email

OR voice your support to an Apple representative at 800-776-2333, ext. 4.
There may be a LONG wait.
This seems to be the number the Fundies are calling.

[Obviously you should be guided by however you feel about this and
 however strongly you feel it.  If nothing else, it should be easy
 to find time to send off a piece of e-mail like the following:

Date: Wed,  8 Dec 93 00:31:39 PST
Subject: Your equal rights benefits

Dear Apple Computer,
    Please don't knuckle under to the Religious Right's (or anyone's)
pressure to change your humane and forward-looking anti-discrimination
policies and domestic partnership benefits for gay and lesbian
    If you're counting votes, you may count this as a strong vote of
support for your present, progressive policies.
    If you're counting threats, you may count this as a threat to
boycott any companies that deny rights or priveleges to employees
based on their sex or on the sex of their partners.
    You've made a courageous and important start and the world is
watching - please don't stop now.

Peter Langston
Seattle, WA

 Of course if you copied this, I imagine you'd personalize it in some way...

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