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9 Dec
Geometry Quiz

Date: Thu,  9 Dec 93 15:11:51 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Geometry Quiz

[I changed this just a titch... -psl]
 Originally from: Keith Bostic

Fill in each blank with a geometry term (or Alexandrian scientist's name) that
fits the associated definition as shown in the first one:

____ARC______  1. That which Noah built.
_____________  2. An article for serving ice cream.
_____________  3. What a bloodhound does in chasing a woman.
_____________  4. An expression to represent the loss of a parrot.
_____________  5. An appropriate title for a knight named Koal.
_____________  6. A sunburned man.
_____________  7. A tall coffee pot perking.
_____________  8. What one does when it rains.
_____________  9. A criminal in jail.
_____________ 10. What a boy on the lake do when his motor won't run.
_____________ 11. What you call a person who writes for an inn.
_____________ 12. What the captain said when his boat was bombed.
_____________ 13. What a little acorn says when he grows up.
_____________ 14. What one does to trees that are in the way.
_____________ 15. What you do if you have yarn and needles.
_____________ 16. Can George Washington turn into a country?

Answers (backwards):
1.cra   2.enoc   3.retnec   4.nogylop   5.elcric   6.tnegnat
7.esunetopyh   8.edicnioc   9.ralucidneprep   10.oreh   11.ebircsni
12.nogaced   13.yrtemoeg   14.moixa   15.tinu   16.tnacesoc

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