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9 Dec
Fisher Price's "My First Vibrator"

Date: Thu,  9 Dec 93 15:21:59 PST
To: Fun_People
Subject: Fisher Price's "My First Vibrator"

 From: (Dare to Care) (Elf Sternberg) writes:
>         Fisher Price, as many people may well know, is the United 
> State's leading toy manufacturer for children under the age of six.  
> Recently, I saw an advertisement for one of their new products, 
> called "Bubble Bobble."
>         Bubble Bobble is a simple toy, really.  It looks like the 
> head of some medieval mace-- a ball, with spikes coming out of it at 
> random intervals.  But this is a Fisher Price toy, and those "spikes" 
> are soft, flexible plastic things about the size of a man's thumb.  
> The ball screws open, and inside is a case for two "C" batteries and 
> a large, rotating, metal wheel inside a protective cover.
>         The idea behind Bubble Bobble is that you turn it on, drop it 
> on a hard wooden or lineoleum floor, and the vibrating wheel makes it 
> shiver and shake and wobble all about the place, and the kids are 
> supposed to chase after it.
>         I saw this advertised on television and the first thing that 
> popped into my head was the image of some three-year-old girl trying 
> to chase it down, getting frustrated and finally, as kids are wont to 
> do, grabbing the thing with arms and legs and holding up against her 
> crotch and realizing that this thing felt *good*.  Not to mention 
> that those soft spokes on it are, well, just the right size for...

I'm glad that it wasn't just me.  When I saw the commercial for it I
turned to the people who were in the room with me and said, "A Kids
Vibrator".  Immediately I was set upon by a small horde of rabid women
who were shocked that I had said it.  I wandered off and showed them a
picture of the bouncy ball (comes with attachments) from one [of] the Adam
and Eve (TM) [catalogs] and explained that the one made for adults didn't
even vibrate... the kids ALWAYS get the best toys.

 From: (Rick Hallock)

Thats' nothing.  I was walking in Toys 'R' Us the other day and noticed 
one of Matell's new toys.  I almost fell over laughing.  It was "Animal 
Lovin' Barbie"  I think she was dressed in safari shorts and came with a 
little lion cub.  Hmmmmm...

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